In the dye-pot: More Natural Dyes

Spring was in the air in the PNW this weekend, so I decided a little natural dyeing was in order. I have some extracts on order and plants growing in the garden, so I’m anticipating doing a lot more dyeing in the coming months. 

 I love the yellow that onion skins give, so I dyed up a few skeins using onion skins that I had been saving. 
I also experimented with using avocado pits to dye a skein. It is a more subtle color, but I love that this is what results from them. 

Both of the onion skin dyed skeins are listed in my Etsy shop, and the avocado pit dyed skein will be available after it has had a wash and is dried. 

If you’re interested in trying natural dyes on your own, CreativeBug has a few classes available on their site. 


FO Friday: Hat, shawl & yarn 

I’ve been doing lots of knitting, spinning and dyeing over the past few weeks, so I thought I’d share some of the projects. 
I knitted the hand dyed skein into a little hat for my daughter. I used the Kit Kat Hat pattern, which is a free design on Ravelry. It was super quick, and I love how I was able to showcase the yarn. 

I spun a braid that I had dyed. I’m still working on getting color schemes, but it is fun to play. 

Finally, a BIG project! The Parks Wrap. I am so happy with how it came out; it is so warm and cozy. 

Ruby red yarn

Over the weekend, I finally took the plunge and dyed some yarn. I had purchased a starter set of dyes a few months ago, but honestly, I was feeling a bit anxious about getting started. I had just finished plying some undyed fiber from Knit Picks, and I wasn’t in love with the resulting yarn. So, I decided it would be good to experiment with. 

I used the Ruby Red from my Greener Shades dye kit that I had gotten. I chose this dye brand because it is heavy-metal free and have less environmental impact than some other dye brands. I measured out about 2 grams of dye powder and dissolved it in water. Then it went into the pot with 100 grams of yarn and about 12 cups of water. 

I followed the instructions from the dye company, along with a little help from this book

This was the result! 

A very yarn-y Mothers’ Day

Today marks my second Mothers’ Day without my mom. People say that it gets easier with time, but I’m finding that my grief is changing rather than really lessening. She was diagnosed with brain cancer several months before my first Mothers’ Day as a mom, so I feel like I never really got to celebrate motherhood with her without the shadow of her illness hanging over us. We had a number of celebrations after her diagnosis, but we were always haunted by the thought it was her last. She was never big on the holiday, but not having my mom here makes the day take on new meaning. 

My husband and daughter, like they did last year, did a nice job of marking the day. We went out for breakfast and ran a few errands. I also got to spend the day immersed in some yarn and fiber-related projects. 

First, I dyed a skein of my handspun yarn! I used the Greener Shades dyes that I had bought a few months ago. The fiber was just some Knit Picks roving that I had spun up.  I am pretty pleased with how it came out. 

I also casted on for the Featherweight Cardigan. I am using some Quince & Co. Finch. 

Over the weekend, my dye garden has also really taken shape. I excitedly planted some seeds today. Fingers crossed that my seeds grow into beautiful flowers that I can dye yarn with!