WiP Wednesday: Growing Shawl, hats, & new dye books

My brain is going in a lot of different directions this week. I’m feeling a rush of excitement to finish things and start new ones. 

My Hitchhiker Beyond Shawl/scarf is growing! I’m a little worried that I’ll be playing yarn chicken, but what’s life without a little risk? I’m knitting this out of handspun, and I couldn’t be more excited about how it is knitting up. The colors scare and excite me all at the same time! 

As a fun, quick project, I’m making some hats that’ll be going with a local mill-owner to our local farmers market. (No pictures yet…)

I’m also planning a lot more natural during in the coming days/weeks. I’ve added a few books to my library, and I’m so excited to dig into them. Next on the dyeing schedule is nettle-dyed roving and yarn. 

Keep an eye on my Etsy shop for updates (in the past week, I’ve added in a skein of madder-dyed yarn and some recycled yarn). 

I’ve also re-started a Facebook page for my sites, so you can find me there if you’re interested, as well! 

Yarn BOB Facebook


In the dye-pot: More Natural Dyes

Spring was in the air in the PNW this weekend, so I decided a little natural dyeing was in order. I have some extracts on order and plants growing in the garden, so I’m anticipating doing a lot more dyeing in the coming months. 

 I love the yellow that onion skins give, so I dyed up a few skeins using onion skins that I had been saving. 
I also experimented with using avocado pits to dye a skein. It is a more subtle color, but I love that this is what results from them. 

Both of the onion skin dyed skeins are listed in my Etsy shop, and the avocado pit dyed skein will be available after it has had a wash and is dried. 

If you’re interested in trying natural dyes on your own, CreativeBug has a few classes available on their site. 

Getting ready for new adventures: Dyeing 

 Sometimes do you shake your head and ask yourself how it’s possible that you are going down another rabbit hole? Even though I’m wondering how I can possibly try to fit something else in to my crafty interests, I remind myself that I am doing things that I truly enjoy. So, I have let myself dive in and take on another adventure: dyeing my own yarn and fiber. It is such a powerful experience for me to be able to immerse myself in something creative and different than my day job. 

My interests really lie in natural dyes. The plan is to start a small dye garden this summer. We have started some hollyhocks and rudbeckia, and they are already beginning to sprout. We also have some nativeplants around our property that I should be able to use. 

In the meantime, I’ve also found some environmentally friendly acid dyes to experiment with. I am accumulating some supplies and hope to experiment with these in the coming weeks. 

Stay tuned for the results!