Sewing: Lessons learned from the Lou Box Top 

I was super inspired to sew a Lou Box Top after seeing one on the The Craft Sessions site. I had some fabric that has been in my stash for a while, so I decided to give it a try. I had tried seeing this too back in September, but it wasn’t a successful venture (I was distracted so I made a mistake in pattern assembly, and it was all downhill from there), so I went with some fabric that I wasn’t particularly attached to. It is a simple project, and it came together easily. Overall, it is a good beginner project. I was happy with my technique overall. Unfortunately, I don’t think it suits me as much as I had hoped. Here are some things, positive and negative, that I learned during the process:

  • I am relatively short, so I don’t think the boxy shape did me any favors. By now, I should know that something with “box” in the title is probably not a great bet. But, inspiration and a pretty picture got the best of me. Early in my knitting, I fell prey to this often, and I need to remind myself to take those lessons and apply them to sewing. It is totally wearable, but not particularly flattering. 
  • I chose the medium/large size, but I think I probably should’ve gone down I size since there is a bit of ease. I think having it more form-fitting than it is designed to be would’ve been better for my figure
  • I added length, and that was successful. On my first attempt long ago, it was short and even more unattractive 
  • I was happy with the neckline and finishing. 

In all, it was neither a huge success nor a huge failure. I have my eye on a few things that will hopefully suit me a little more.