2017 LYS Tour & Weekend Projects

Last week was the LYS Tour in the Puget Sound. I didn’t make it to as many shops as I had hoped, but I stopped at some of my favorites. I tried to show restraint, but some yarn and fiber was just too lovely to resist. 

Tolt Yarn and Wool 

Fiber from Homestead Hobbyist (Mad Cow Yarn)

From Weaving Works for a small weaving project. 

I also managed to start a few new things and get some yarn finished over the weekend. 

Dyed yellow and gray braid for my Etsy shop. 

Doing a little knitting in the sunshine and my new mug from Spincycle Yarns. 

New handspun shawl on the needles. The pattern is the Quaker Yarn Stretcher by Susan Ashcroft. 

3-ply natural gray Finn yarn. 150 yards, 2.9oz. This was super lovely spin, and it made a really smooth, dense yarn.   Also available in my Etsy shop. 


Stash Enhancement and a New LYS

I’ve added lots of new, fun things to my stash as of late, so I thought I would share some highlights.

After Christmas and getting my loom, I did a pretty big Knit Picks order (actually, I did two, but they were in such close succession that I am counting them as one). They were running a promotion that with a purchase over $50 you could choose a free tote. I did not NEED a new tote, but this one just suited me so well. I also stocked up on some Wool of the Andes in a few different weights and some cotton yarn to do some weaving with. I am planning on a small blanket for the husband and some hand towels. The box of yarn is a bit intimidating to look at, but it does bring me a lot of joy.

I’ve also done a little shopping on Etsy. I got some gorgeous fiber and a few spinning tools. The fiber and larger wraps per inch tool are from a shop called Hipstrings, and the smaller wraps per inch tool (to replace one that I mysteriously misplaced somewhere in my house) is from A Rock and A Tree. I am quite excited to try spinning with some fiber that has yak in it!

This fiber was purchased in a moment of total weakness at Mad Cow Yarn. It is from a local dyer, The Homestead Hobbyist, and I just couldn’t resist the fiber content and the subtle color changes. I hope that this can become a cowl or a shawl once I’ve spun it up.


Lastly, I got to visit a new LYS: The Nifty Knitter. It is located in Issaquah, WA and has been open since about November. I had a few extra minutes between clients, so I was able to pop in for some yarn for hats for the #pussyhatproject. It is a small, but very charming location. The yarn is well-organized by brand, so it was easy to figure out what is there. The aesthetic of the store was very cute, a little retro, and very organized. All of the colors within a brand were organized, so it was easy to find what I needed. The selection of yarns was nice, and I expect that it’ll grow. There was also some locally dyed yarn, which always makes my heart a little happier. I am not out in that direction often, but it is definitely worth stopping at when I am.


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