WiP Wednesday: button band and handspun scarf

This week has given me such an appreciation for my amazing husband! He was out of town on business, and as always, when he is gone, I’m reminded of what an excellent partner I have. My knitting time has been more sporadic, but I squeezed some in on my commute and in the evening after Little One went to bed. 

I have finally picked up my Rosemont Cardigan to finish the button band. I have a major mental-block when it comes to button bands sometimes, but I’m ready for this sweater to be off the needles. My sweater mojo is returning, so hopefully I’ll get another one on the needles when I get this one finished. 

I’ve also been working on my Hitchhiker Beyond from some handspun. These colors and the style of this piece are not part of my usual palate, but I’m enjoying it. 

I hope everyone else is enjoying their knitting this week, too! 


WiP Wednesday: A sweater – just in time for summer 

The sleeves on my husband’s sweater are both done. It’s time for blocking and then the button band. While that’s going, I started on the Audrey Cardigan. It is destined for a co-worker, who is more than appreciative of my knitwear. It is probably going to be done just in time for summer, but cold weather is never too far removed from the Pacific Northwest. 

My yarn from Quince & Co. also arrived this week.  

I am really looking forward to starting on the Featherweight Cardigan! It’ll likely wait until the husband’s is completely finished up though. Nothing like motivation, right? 

WiP Wednesday: Sleeves & Planning New Projects

I am getting close to finishing the second sleeve on my husband’s sweater! That, of course, means I’m starting to plan my next big projects. The sweater pieces will need blocking, then it’s onto seaming and the button band. But, it’s never to early to plan, right? 

I have a few sweater quantities of yarn that I somewhat recently accumulated. I just ordered a few skeins of Quince & Co. for a Featherweight Cardigan. I am super excited to work with the Quince & Co. yarn! I am also looking forward to knitting a lightweight sweater that will be good for spring and fall. 

I am also looking at making the Rosemont Cardigan, which is also by Hannah Fettig. I have a chocolate brown yarn that I got from KnitPicks that will work well for it. 

Lastly, I am going to start on another Audrey Cardigan. This one will be for my boss, who sweet-talked me into making one for her. I made one for myself a while back, and it was an easy, quick project (for a sweater), so I’m not at all dreading the thought of making another. 

I am sure some small projects will sneak in amidst these big ones, but these are the main things in the lineup. I also have some sewing projects in the queue, but that might be another post for another time…

WiP Wednesday: mini shawls and sleeves 

This week, I’ve embarked on a little shawl adventure. @arohaknits is hosting a #5shawls5days knit along where each day you knit a mini prototype of a different shawl shape. Day one was a triangular shawl, and day two was a crescent. I was familiar with both those types, but they were fun, quick little projects. I particularly like triangular shapes, but haven’t really knit many crescent shapes. Today, I am working on an asymmetrical triangular shawl, which is new for me. I knit the first two in some leftover worsted weight, which just hasn’t been pleasant. Small pieces just don’t look or feel that great in heavier yarns. So, I pulled some fingering weight yarn out for today’s. 

I haven’t completely jumped on the shawl bandwagon, but I’m interested in exploring how I might fit more shawls into my wardrobe and eventually come up with some of my own designs. There’s the pesky issue of styling shawls that really eludes me. 
Husband sweater update: I have finished one sleeve! I am getting started on the second. Once that is done, I am looking at blocking, seaming, and the 6 inches worth of ribbing on the button band. I am at the point where I really wish I had knit one of the sleeves first. 

Happy making! 

WiP Wednesday: sweater progress & mitts

I am making progress on my husband’s cardigan. The largest piece, the back, is off the needles. I still have both front panels, the sleeves, and the button band to go, so the work is far from done. The back came together quickly after the ribbing was done, so I have hope that the other pieces will feel the same. 

I also have a few pairs of mitts on the needles. They are great for the car, so they’re traveling with me right now. 

These are the Maine Mitts from Carrie Bostick Hoge’s collection: Swoon. I’m knitting these from some Imperial Stock Ranch yarn that has been in my stash. I LOVE this yarn!  
I also have the Marshmallow Mitts by Tin Can Knits on the needles. I am knitting these in Brown Sheep Worsted. It has been a while since I’ve knit with this yarn, and I have forgotten how lovely it is. This plum purple is super pretty too! 


Wearing: Antrorse Sweater

I finished my Antrorse Sweater a few months ago. It took me forever to find buttons that I liked, so it went unworn for a little while. I finally found some great black buttons with anchors on them at a local yarn store (Whidbey Isle Yarns, Gifts, and Teas). 

It is a great quick knit by Shannon Cook.  I knit it up in Cascade Eco. The generous skeins and reasonable price make it a good yarn for this sweater. So far, after a few wears and washes, it is wearing pretty well. There are a few pills forming, but it’s manageable. The yarn is soft enough for next-to-skin wear, so it’s sort of the price you pay. I love that it is a little longer. The neckline and center panel also make it really unique. 

I wore it out today and got multiple nice comments on it! Is there anything better than compliments on your handknits? 


Finished Sweater: Lucia Hoodie

I finished my Lucia Hoodie! I finished blocking it and sewed the button on last week. 

I was surprised by how much color bled from the yarn. I’ve found Cascade 220 to be pretty notorious for losing color. I don’t think I’d necessarily use it for colorwork. It has been very reliable for single color sweaters though. It pills somewhat quickly, but it is such a good value, workhorse yarn. 

 After wearing it, I need to place the button a little bit better; but, on a whole, I am really pretty happy with it. The sleeves are a bit long, but I sort of like them that way. It is probably going to become a staple cardigan in my wardrobe. 

In upcoming sweaters, I’d like to improve on my button bands. I think they are what make my sweaters look homemade. If anyone has good resources, please send them my way. I always feel like one side of the button band looks a bit different than the other. One thing I’m thinking is that playing with different selvages might work. 
Blocking and finishing well are still some areas I’d like to develop more too. 

Getting good photos is also still hard – hence the selfie. Sometimes I feel like my photos get taken from all the wrong angles, and getting a flattering picture seems impossible. 

Onto the next project: a sweater for my husband! 

WiP Wednesday: Road Trip Edition 

I packed a lot of knitting for this trip. And, surprisingly, I am getting more done than I thought I might. We’ve had a lot of down time, which has been great for making some progress on some of my bigger projects. These are the slightly bigger projects that came with me:

 Lucia Hoodie 
I’ve finished and attached one sleeve, and I’m making good progress on the second sleeve. I had stalled on this project a little before I left, so it has been nice to have some time to spend with this cardigan. Once it is done, I think it’ll get a lot of wear. 

Lumberjane Shawl 
The Lumberjane Shawl has been car knitting. It is growing nicely. I have a feeling it’ll slow down once I get to the seed stitch section, but so far so good. 


WiP Wednesday: Hoodie & Cowl

I am making good progress on my Lucia Hoodie. I’ve knit the bottom band, the pocket linings are attached, and I am cruising away in stockinette until it is time to stop for the sleeves. This sweater is a different construction than I usually do (I’m typically a top down girl), but I’m enjoying it so far. I’ve also never knit anything with pockets before, so that has been exciting too. I am using Cascade 220 in navy blue. I love it, but my dog’s hair is quite obvious on it. 

I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for my 3 color cowl as well. It has been my car knitting, and considering that I only work on it in the car, it has progressed quickly. I am on the last repeat of the lace section. The lace section has taught me that I don’t really like knitting lace…I had to rip it out once, but it has gone smoothly since. Thankfully it is not a long or terribly intricate section. 


FO Friday: Sweater (and a move)

Last week, amidst the move, I finished my Lila Sweater. It needs blocking and a few ends woven in, but the knitting is done. I am quite pleased with it! 

In other news, we have (mostly) finished our move. There are still boxes to unpack, but we have some furniture additions to make before we can unpack everything. There are still lots of projects that we need to finish up at the old house to get it ready to put on the market. We are pretty ready to just be done with it though 😕