Flurry of finished objects! 

I’ve finished quite a lot over the past few weeks. This, seemingly, never-ending winter has done wonders for my knitting mojo. It is feeling more like spring this week, but I’ve got lots in the works still, too.

Wildberry Shawl – I couldn’t be happier with this baby. I love the yarn and the pattern. I might have to knit another.

Gumshoe Cowl – This is a pattern by the ladies of Spincycle Yarns, and it was pretty well-suited to handspun. This is some yarn that I spun using a mixed BFL dyed by Port Fiber and some natural dark brown from Abundant Earth Fiber. This was my first two-color brioche project, so I’m pretty pleased with it.

Tread Hat – This is from the Within Collection by Jane Richmond and Shannon Cook. The yarn is Woolfolk Far. The yarn is unique and super soft. I was playing a little bit of yarn chicken with this one (it was a 50 gram skein), so next time I think I’ll get an additional skein to make it a little slouchier.

Quill Hat – I was so excited to knit this hat! I had the yarn, but had to spend a bit of time waiting for my issue of Taproot to arrive. It was worth the wait; I love it. The yarn is a 60/40 Rambouillet/dehaired llama blend milled at Abundant Earth Fiber. I will definitely be knitting this hat again.

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Finished Objects: Cowl and Handspun

It’s been a little while since I’ve made an FO post. It’s not for lack of FOs, really, but more a lack of things to say about them. 

I finished my Oats cowl. I needed some basics, so this is the first piece of some everyday scarves and cowls I’m adding to my wardrobe. The yarn is Malabrigo Rios. It took me quite a while to finish, but it was an easy project to pick up and put down. 

I finished some fiber that I was hoarding for spinning on my new wheel. This is 4.9oz of a BFL in the Hummingbird colorway. It was a nice spin (although a bit of a slog toward the end), and I am pretty pleased with the result. My plan is to use it with some dark brown handspun for a brioche project. 

I also finished a few hats for some friends and others who are participating in some marches that are coming up. 

I’ve got quite a few more projects in progress and lots of goodies to work with, so hopefully I’ll have a lot more to share in the coming weeks. 

Friday FO: PJ Pants

I took a little break from the knitting to make some PJ pants for Little One today. I found a great free pattern and video tutorial online. The pattern and tutorial are by Made By Marzipan. It was quick, and I am pretty happy with the results. We’ll see if I am still as happy once Little One tries them on. I intended to make them for Christmas, but I don’t think I’ll be able to wait to give them to her. 

FO Friday: Seahawks Hat

Little One wanted something to wear for Blue Fridays, but I just couldn’t stomach buying a $30 shirt that she’d grow out of in a few months. So, I decided on a knit hat.  

Yarn: Simplicity by HiKoo (superwash Merino & acrylic blend) in Grass Slipper, Raffi, & Gun Metal Grey. DK weight

Needles: US Size 6

I didn’t follow a pattern, but here’s what I did. I sized it to fit my 5 year old. 

Band: CO 88 stitches. 

Work in K3P1 rib for 2.5 inches. 

Change color, work in stockinette until piece measures 6 inches. 

Decrease: K9 K2tog around; K8 K2tog around; K7 K2tog around; K6 K2tog around; K5 K2tog around; K4 K2tog around; K3 K2tog around; K2 K2tog around; K1 K2tog around; K2tog around. Break yarn and pull through remaining stitches. 

Make Pom Pom and attatch! 

FO Friday: Boot Topper & Bear Hood

 Since I’ve been working on sweaters more often than not recently, I am finding myself with fewer FOs to share. I don’t think it is necessarily bad, just different for me. I used to far prefer the quicker knit that led to more immediate gratification, but, for the moment, I am really enjoying sweaters. Still, mixed in with the sweaters, I’m working on using up some stash yarn and extras. I also have a few requests coming in through Etsy. 

Here is my first finished boot topper. The pattern is called Paved by Tin Can Knits. The first was finished after a few ferry rides and an episode or two of Elementary. 

I also got a request from a friend for this little bear hood. I wasn’t convinced, but when you see it on the little one it was for, it is too darn cute! 


FO Friday: Sweater (and a move)

Last week, amidst the move, I finished my Lila Sweater. It needs blocking and a few ends woven in, but the knitting is done. I am quite pleased with it! 

In other news, we have (mostly) finished our move. There are still boxes to unpack, but we have some furniture additions to make before we can unpack everything. There are still lots of projects that we need to finish up at the old house to get it ready to put on the market. We are pretty ready to just be done with it though 😕 

Weekend in knitting

My spinning wheel arrived! My wonderful husband stained it and helped with assembly. I’ve played with it a little, but I’m really looking forward to my class. My daughter, who is nearly five, is equally excited and stating she cannot wait to learn. She is having conversations about treddling with her stuffed animals.  

I knitted up a hat from some KENZIE yarn that I had around. I was happy to have a design of my own turn out! I wrote up the pattern for my Etsy shop.   

I also knit up a headband with some sport weight variegated yarn that I bought a while back. It’s also a design of my own, but I don’t think I like it quite well enough to to write up a pattern. I’m also not a fan of variegated yarn, so I listed it in my shop. 



FO Friday: Alpaca Scarf (And one from last week) 

I took a break from tank top knitting to knit up a quick scarf from the Alpaca fiber I picked up at Paradise Found Fiber Farm. I just did a simple, flat 2×2 rib. The result: 

It’s up on my Etsy shop. I need to remind myself I’m not particularly fond of multi-colored yarns for myself….

I also finished this one a week or two ago. Worth a share, and also in my Etsy shop.  


Again, I need to remind myself I’m not a huge fan of variegated yarns. They’re so pretty in the skein, but I just don’t wear them much once they’re finished.