Baking, spinning, sewing, and knitting, oh my!

I am continuing to experience a great deal of making-mojo. 

I finished 388 yards of handspun from a braid that I bought from Three Waters Farm.  The colors are outside of my usual comfort zone, but I really love it. 

I have been more motivated to explore bread-making recently. There’s something so satisfying about being able to make bread. I used the recipe for challah from the latest issue of Taproot Magazine, and I am so happy with how it came out. I’m looking for more recipes to try, so any suggestions are totally appreciated. 

Little One was on spring break last week, so I took a few hours while she was relaxing to sit back down at my sewing machine. The pattern for this is the Lil’ Knot Bag. The top stitching around the handles was a little tricky, but I’m pretty happy with the result. It was nice to sit back down at my machine, and this project was a good one for working on some skills. It was much more manageable than some of my other endeavors at the sewing machine have been. After a little more practice, these might appear in my Etsy shop. I’m still developing the direction I’d like to take my shop in, but I have some ideas in the works. 

I’m working on some mitts from handspun. Working with handspun has been hugely satisfying for me lately, as well. 

I also found these super cute little charms at the craft store the other week, so I made some stitch markers. I bought some extra, and they’re available on my Etsy shop. I’m getting ready to do some yarn and fiber dyeing, so keep an eye out for updates! 


Flurry of finished objects! 

I’ve finished quite a lot over the past few weeks. This, seemingly, never-ending winter has done wonders for my knitting mojo. It is feeling more like spring this week, but I’ve got lots in the works still, too.

Wildberry Shawl – I couldn’t be happier with this baby. I love the yarn and the pattern. I might have to knit another.

Gumshoe Cowl – This is a pattern by the ladies of Spincycle Yarns, and it was pretty well-suited to handspun. This is some yarn that I spun using a mixed BFL dyed by Port Fiber and some natural dark brown from Abundant Earth Fiber. This was my first two-color brioche project, so I’m pretty pleased with it.

Tread Hat – This is from the Within Collection by Jane Richmond and Shannon Cook. The yarn is Woolfolk Far. The yarn is unique and super soft. I was playing a little bit of yarn chicken with this one (it was a 50 gram skein), so next time I think I’ll get an additional skein to make it a little slouchier.

Quill Hat – I was so excited to knit this hat! I had the yarn, but had to spend a bit of time waiting for my issue of Taproot to arrive. It was worth the wait; I love it. The yarn is a 60/40 Rambouillet/dehaired llama blend milled at Abundant Earth Fiber. I will definitely be knitting this hat again.

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Fall Knitting Update

So far, I am having a very productive fall! I have lots of projects on the needles, finished objects, and projects in the queue. 

Charlotte Cardigan (above). I stalled on the button band from the Rosemont Cardigan that I had been working on and decided to take a break from sweaters button bands that need to be picked up. I’m knitting it in Wool of the Andes Tweed, and I’m pretty pleased with how it is looking so far. I think I’ll have it done in time to submit it for Cardi Party, which is a KAL hosted by the Doubleknit Podcast. 

I’ve also been working on the Parks Wrap

This has been a great project to knit on when I am in the car. I am on the last pattern repeat, and I can’t wait to snuggle up in it. I wanted something nice and big for those cold days when I have to wait in the ferry line, and I think this will be perfect! 

I am also toiling away on lots of hats, which has been great fun. Here are a few of the finished projects:

Go! by Andrea Mowry. Knit with Kenzie 

Handspun hat

Stovetop by Tin Can Knits knit in Malabrigo Rios. 
I’m also planning on knitting the Snoqualmie Hat by Andrea Mowry and the Take Heart Hat by Fiona Alice. 

I have a few more sweaters, shawls, and cowls on the list too:

I just got the new book by Shannon Cook and Jane Richmond called Within, and both sweaters and most of the accessories are calling my name. 

I am also thinking of casting on the Mae sweater, which is a new release by Andrea Mowry. 

I got some yarn for the Honey Cowl and Oats

I hope everyone else is having a lovely start to the fall full of knitting too! 

Summer Projects (so far)

It has been a little while since I’ve posted. It’s definitely not for lack of knitting, though. Ive had quite a few projects in the works, and all of my knitting has been pretty well-behaved. I’m hoping to get to a little more sewing in this next part of the summer. I’ve got some great summer tops in my queue and the fabric to go with it. 

Here’s some of what I’ve been working on: 

I’ve finished the knitting on the Audrey Cardigan that I’ve been working on for my boss. It needs ends woven in and a good blocking, but I’m happy to have it done. 

I knitted a simple, roll-brimmed hat with some handspun. It is so interesting to see how handspun works up! 

Right now, I’m working on the Guernsey Wrap. This is what I chose for the Colors of Fall KAL, which is hosted by the Yarniacs podcast. I’m super excited about this project! 

I’m also spinning some yarn in hopes of replicating one of my favorite hats that had an unfortunate end. I haven’t been able to find the right yarn for it, so I was thinking it would be pretty awesome if I could create the yarn. I have two skeins spun up, so after wrapping up a few other things, I will likely cast that on. 

There are lots of babies coming into my little circle of friends, so I’m putting some handspun to good use by making baby hats too. 

Little weekend projects 

 Despite company in town, I managed to get a few small projects done over the weekend. 

Here is the Sitka hat. I knit the darker one using US size 8 needles and the lighter on US 7s. This is pretty much the first time I have ever used a different needle size than what the pattern called for. Both hats are in Kenzie by Skacel, and they’re headed to #hatsforhannah. 

I also made a little felt bunny just because. Little One was taking a rest, and I was having a hard time deciding what to work on.   
I also finished spinning and plying my first 4oz of Shetland that I had gotten on a visit to a local farm. 

FO Friday

Here are a few things I finished up today. 

A small notion/project bag.  This fabric is super fun!   
A skein of marled grey & black yarn. The grey is Cormo, and the black is Corriedale. It’s about 85 yards of worsted weight. 

I decided to put both of these up in my Etsy shop, so take a look if you’re interested. 

Happy Friday everyone! 

Scarves, hat, and a frogged sweater 

There was brief blog-silence for a little bit there, but I’m still here and knitting. My dad was up visiting, so that slowed a few blog posts that I had on tap. It’s amazing how house-guests can get you out of your routines. 

Here are some recent projects that I’ve been working on: 

Audrey Hat (it’s finished now, but the photo seems to have jumped off my phone). It’s a great pattern, and I LOVE the Snoqualmie Valley Yarn! I just bought some in purple that was dyed with grape skins.   

This is a scarf I knit up with a slipped garter rib pattern. I’ll share some details in another post. The yarn is from the Alpaca farm on Whidbey Island that we visited. I love the softness, but there were a lot of irregularities in the spinning of the yarn, which made it difficult on occasion. 


Here’s more of the alpaca fiber that I got. This just isn’t my style, so it’s up on my Etsy site. The yarn is super soft and luscious and has a very handspun look (but more consistent than the other skein).  


I was working on a linen tank (Togue Pond), but I measured incorrectly at an early point, so it got frogged. I’m on the fence about starting it again or using the yarn for a different linen pattern.