Reflecting: on being “busy” and “finding the time”

Over the past year or two, I have made a conscious effort to stop describing myself as “busy.” I am still quite busy with a full-time job, school-aged daughter, and just life, but I’ve stopped allowing being busy define how or who I am. It was my default for a long time, and I realized it didn’t make me sound happy, fulfilled or balanced. Consequently, I don’t think I ever really felt very happy, fulfilled or balanced. And, let’s face it: everyone is busy in their own way, so it just doesn’t mean much to describe yourself in that way. 

Acquaintances often ask me how I “have the time” to create and make as much as I do. Sometimes, it feels like I am being judged, but when I think of the people who are asking me this, they are the first to describe themselves as “busy.” Making and creating is how I maintain my sanity. But, that is not the case for everyone, so I often think they view it as something I must stress out over. It is a major priority for me, so I make an effort to engage in something creative every day. So, here is how I “find the time” 

  • I bring my projects everywhere with me. If I have a wait (which I do every day since I commute on the ferry), I knit. 
  • I am fortunate to have a husband who is supportive of my craft. But, in general, he does not leave all of the household chores for me to do, so I do get more time to work on projects
  • I have taught my daughter to knit and do some of the things I enjoy, so she participates with me, and we connect around making together. 
  • If we are watching a show at night, I spend the time knitting — I very rarely just “veg out” 
  • I am a major introvert, so I don’t go out much or hold myself to a lot of social obligations. 

I’d love to hear how others find the time for themselves to engage in what makes them happy too.