In the dye-pot: More Natural Dyes

Spring was in the air in the PNW this weekend, so I decided a little natural dyeing was in order. I have some extracts on order and plants growing in the garden, so I’m anticipating doing a lot more dyeing in the coming months. 

 I love the yellow that onion skins give, so I dyed up a few skeins using onion skins that I had been saving. 
I also experimented with using avocado pits to dye a skein. It is a more subtle color, but I love that this is what results from them. 

Both of the onion skin dyed skeins are listed in my Etsy shop, and the avocado pit dyed skein will be available after it has had a wash and is dried. 

If you’re interested in trying natural dyes on your own, CreativeBug has a few classes available on their site. 

WiP: Sweater button band, sweater prep & little things

After blocking and a little seaming, I am starting on the button band on my Lucia Cardigan. I am so excited for it!   

 I’ve been spinning little bits to experiment with some of the fiber that I’ve accumulated over the past few months. I am loving this light brown Shetland/Icelandic that I am currently working with.   
I got bored the other day, and I decided to try a little crochet stuffed toy. It needs legs still, but so far so good. I’m not convinced crochet is my thing, but I think I’m pulling it off.   

I’ve also been working on some little hats for car knitting and some stash-busting. Loving this little pixie hat, which is a free pattern on Ravelry.   
I am getting ready to start on my husband’s sweater, so that’ll likely consume my updates for the next few weeks.