Wearing: Antrorse Sweater

I finished my Antrorse Sweater a few months ago. It took me forever to find buttons that I liked, so it went unworn for a little while. I finally found some great black buttons with anchors on them at a local yarn store (Whidbey Isle Yarns, Gifts, and Teas). 

It is a great quick knit by Shannon Cook.  I knit it up in Cascade Eco. The generous skeins and reasonable price make it a good yarn for this sweater. So far, after a few wears and washes, it is wearing pretty well. There are a few pills forming, but it’s manageable. The yarn is soft enough for next-to-skin wear, so it’s sort of the price you pay. I love that it is a little longer. The neckline and center panel also make it really unique. 

I wore it out today and got multiple nice comments on it! Is there anything better than compliments on your handknits?