Madrona 2017

Large events put me way out of my comfort zone. I don’t know many other knitters locally, so I am often left with attending fiber events on my own.  I am pretty introverted and anxious, so big events filled with unfamiliar faces make me so uneasy that it is hard to enjoy them. Therefore, I usually tend to skip out on them. Finding my niche in the fiber community is still something I am working on, and I am determined to find a little tribe.

I had heard of Madrona Fiber Arts previously, but the long drive and lack of knitting buddies to attend with made me uneasy about going. This year, I offered to help a friend who was vending, so I made the journey down to Tacoma for the marketplace on Friday. I worked for a few hours, and then I took the opportunity to do a little bit of stash enhancement at the marketplace. I think next year, I’ll try to take a class.

The marketplace was big and a bit overwhelming. I did a few passes before deciding on what to buy. There was so much beautiful yarn and fiber. My strategy for shopping is to buy things that are not otherwise available to me at my LYS and/or buying for specific projects. So, I bought some yarn from Local Color Fiber Studio. It is naturally dyed on Bainbridge Island, and it is hard to find in local yarn stores aside from Tolt Yarn and Wool or online. I think these two skeins will become a simple two-color brioche cowl. I don’t have a pattern in mind, but there are quite a few out there. I have been needing a square gauge ruler, so I picked one up from Sincere Sheep. I also got a skein of Wool Folk to make the Tread Hat from the Within collection. I am super happy and excited about all of my finds.

After the marketplace, I made a quick visit to see a friend who lives in Tacoma. After a long drive back north (Friday commute…ugh), the wait for the ferry was over two hours! Thankfully, I was able to drop my car off and walk to the ferry. The afternoon ride home was glorious, especially when I was able to bypass the big wait.


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