WiP Wednesday: A little bit of everything

2017 is starting off beautifully, with a lot of knitting. I’ve been working on a little bit of everything. 

I’ve been knitting a few hats for the #pussyhatproject. I’m knitting the hats using the Kitkat Hat pattern in Cascade 220. I am sending my hats directly to a few friends who are marching in their areas and Washington D.C. 

A friend asked me to knit a few items for her to give to some babies, so I’ve been working on some hats and little stuffed animals. 

I have a project on the needles for myself for the first time in a few months. I spent the bulk of the end of the year working on projects for others, so this was a treat to cast-on on Christmas Eve. The pattern is the Hudson Shawl. It’s knit in Cascade Eco. At first, I was only going to use the brown and green contrast colors, but as I knitted, I realized it needed the third. So, I pulled out my dyes and dyed some white navy. I am working on it as a part of the Wearable Blanket KAL that is being hosted by the Imagined Landscapes podcast. It has been fun connecting with others on Ravelry and Instagram about these big shawls that I’ve been so obsessed with. 

My first weaving project is well underway. I used some Cascade 220 for the warp and some handspun that I dyed using onion skins for the weft. It’s hard to allow myself the space for imperfection, but I’m enjoying the process. 

I’m getting much more comfortable with my new spinning wheel, and I am trying to spin at least a little bit each week. Right now, I’m working with some locally dyed roving. No pictures yet, but I love how it is spinning up so far. 


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