Last minute knitted gifts

Oh, gift knitting! Over the past few weeks, as it has turned cold, it has become apparent that my loves are in need of some knitted items. Holes in mittens and hats were a bit of a surprise (holes were caused by storage issues).  This year has been a bit different since I’ve been knitting items to sell, so my gift knitting has had to wait a little. 

Here’s what’s on the needles:

Little One is going to get some mittens. I am using a DK weight yarn from Fidalgo Artisan Yarns and the World’s simplest mittens pattern by Tin Can Knits. The yarn is some that she chose, so I think she’ll be happy and surprised to see it knit up. I am most of the way through the first mitten, and they’re going quickly. 

The husband is getting a hat from handspun. I am using the Hipster hat pattern, which is also by Tin Can Knits. Given the light week at work, I’ve already knitted a good portion of it too. I am particularly happy with this hat because it is my handspun from local sources – it is right up his alley. 

That’s all the gift knitting I am doing this year. How is your gift-knitting going? 


2 thoughts on “Last minute knitted gifts

  1. I’m loving the way the beanie is turning out. The girl is sooooo pretty I just finished a beanie for the husband in cowboys color (gray and navy). And now starting on beanies for the girls. I’m being on gift knitting as well…. I’m behind on a lot of things..uuugh… but that’s for always sharing!

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