WiP Wednesday: Sweater projects

This week has been a big transition week in our household. Little One started the summer program at her new school, so we are adjusting to new schedules. For the summer, I will be mostly off on Thursdays and Fridays, so I’m hoping for lots of knitting time. 

Project updates: 

My husband’s sweater is FINALLY finished. It needs another good blocking now that I’ve seamed it, so I’m waiting for a sunny day where it can dry outside. I have a marvelous craft room, but stuff just doesn’t dry out well in there. 

I am making my way through the Audrey Cardigan for my boss. I’m part-way through the first sleeve, so hopefully it’ll be done at the end of the weekend. I think my favorite this about this sweater is that there is no button band. After the 6 inch button band on my husband’s sweater, I don’t want to see a button band for a little while. 

I’m also making my way through a Featherweight cardigan for myself. I’ve knit most of it in the car, actually. It doesn’t require much shaping, so it is an easy on-the-go knit. Right now, I am working on the bottom ribbing. Sleeves and a button band, and then it will also be done. 

I’m looking forward to putting these into my StashDash totals and then starting on a few more things. 


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