WiP Wednesday: Knitting, Spinning and Binge Watching

The WiPs, generally, keep accumulating and progressing. I’ve finished the button band on my husband’s sweater (wahoo!), so it is blocking and ready to be seamed. My Featherweight continues to grow. I’m a bit stalled on the purple sweater for my boss, but I have plans to pick it up this weekend. 

I also started a shawl to donate (it has grown a bit since the picture). A friend of mine, whose baby passed away very suddenly, shared a post that was looking for people to knit shawls to put in boxes for moms who have babies in the NICU or have passed. It is hard to know what to do for someone who has endured such a terrible loss, so this is somethings concrete I can do to honor my friend and other moms. 

I also started spinning some gorgeous black alpaca fiber that I ordered from Etsy a while back. This stuff is HEAVENLY! It is from Old Homestead Alpacas

It’s rare that I get sucked into a television show, but I’ve been binging on The Fall. It has some disturbing elements, but the storyline and cast is excellent. I will admit that I’ve used the fast forward button a few times during awkward scenes, but those are mostly in the first few episodes and worth gritting your teeth through in general. I tried the second season of Bloodline, but I didn’t get into it like I did with the first season. 


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