Ruby red yarn

Over the weekend, I finally took the plunge and dyed some yarn. I had purchased a starter set of dyes a few months ago, but honestly, I was feeling a bit anxious about getting started. I had just finished plying some undyed fiber from Knit Picks, and I wasn’t in love with the resulting yarn. So, I decided it would be good to experiment with. 

I used the Ruby Red from my Greener Shades dye kit that I had gotten. I chose this dye brand because it is heavy-metal free and have less environmental impact than some other dye brands. I measured out about 2 grams of dye powder and dissolved it in water. Then it went into the pot with 100 grams of yarn and about 12 cups of water. 

I followed the instructions from the dye company, along with a little help from this book

This was the result! 


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