Sewing: On my list

I’m accumulating a long list of sewing projects that I want to tackle. Building my handmade wardrobe is becoming more enjoyable as I’ve started to remind myself to slow down and enjoy the process. I’ve also started to realize how imperfect factory made clothing is too – when you look closely, nothing is perfect. All that said, here are a few things that are high on my list. 

Schoolhouse Tunic – I got some plaid fabric when the Hancock Fabrics went out of business, and I think this would look cute in that. 

Wiksten Tank – I haven’t quite decided what fabric to sew this in, but it’s high on my list for summer. 

Blanc Tee – I could see this becoming a wardrobe staple. I bought the expansion pack to go with the free pattern, so I am excited to try a few variations. 

This version of the Scout Tee by The Craft Sessions also looks like a great basic top, so I’m also anxious to get started on this one. 

I’m also planning on another Sailor Top and Fen by Fancy Tiger Crafts. 

Are there any sewing projects high on your lists? I’d love more ideas! 


2 thoughts on “Sewing: On my list

  1. I love your list! Making a list is such a GREAT idea. I always have so many projects I want to tackle and then get overwhelmed. Making a list and then just enjoying the completion of each one as you go is now my plan as well. Thanks for the post!

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    • Thanks! I’ve been accumulating so much that sometimes I have a hard time deciding where to start. Putting up my lists helps me prioritize and it adds some accountability when I share it with others too! Thanks for reading and commenting.


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