Fidra Hat & Quarry Yarn 

This past week, we spent a fun three days in Disneyland. I, of course, took a little knitting along to do on the plane and in the evenings when we were at the hotel. I find hats to be great travel knitting projects. 

This hat is the Fidra Hat by Gudrun Johnston. It has been on my list for a while, so the airplane trip was a great excuse to knit it up. I love how it turned out. It still needs a pom pom, but beyond that, it is done. The chart/pattern was intuitive and easy to follow. It was also quick to knit up since it was in bulky weight yarn. I will definitely make another at some point. 

I knit it in Quarry by Brooklyn Tweed. It is similar to their other yarns (Shelter and Loft) in texture, but it is a bulky weight. It requires a little more of a gentle hand; you can’t pull on it as hard as more tightly spun and plyed yarns. Overall, it is a great yarn to work with. 


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