WiP Wednesday: mini shawls and sleeves 

This week, I’ve embarked on a little shawl adventure. @arohaknits is hosting a #5shawls5days knit along where each day you knit a mini prototype of a different shawl shape. Day one was a triangular shawl, and day two was a crescent. I was familiar with both those types, but they were fun, quick little projects. I particularly like triangular shapes, but haven’t really knit many crescent shapes. Today, I am working on an asymmetrical triangular shawl, which is new for me. I knit the first two in some leftover worsted weight, which just hasn’t been pleasant. Small pieces just don’t look or feel that great in heavier yarns. So, I pulled some fingering weight yarn out for today’s. 

I haven’t completely jumped on the shawl bandwagon, but I’m interested in exploring how I might fit more shawls into my wardrobe and eventually come up with some of my own designs. There’s the pesky issue of styling shawls that really eludes me. 
Husband sweater update: I have finished one sleeve! I am getting started on the second. Once that is done, I am looking at blocking, seaming, and the 6 inches worth of ribbing on the button band. I am at the point where I really wish I had knit one of the sleeves first. 

Happy making! 


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