FO Friday: Handspun Alpaca Merino blend

Today, I happened to have a day to myself. It’s a bit of a rare occurrence, so I decided to spin up some yarn. 

This was an 80% Alpaca 20% merino blend that I picked up from an LYS: Mad Cow Yarn. If you find yourself in Bothell, WA it is a worthwhile stop. They’re super friendly, and their selection continues to expand. 

This was my first time working with alpaca at all, so it was a learning experience too. I didn’t find it much different or challenging. This fiber didn’t readily pre-draft, but I’m not sure if that’s a feature of this fiber or slaps a in general. I have some more pure alpaca at home that is in the queue, so I think that’ll give me a clearer picture of the qualities of an alpaca fiber. 

I ended up with about 160 yards of a 2-ply yarn. It needs a soak still, but it is pretty luscious as is. 



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