WiP Wednesday: Hats! 

This week I’ve been working on finishing some languishing projects. I managed to finish up some mitts that had been coming with me in the car. Part of my fiber-related resolutions this year was to knit with yarn in stash, so I’ve been knitting my way through my stash with a few hats over the past week. 

I’m really enjoying the Craft Sessions’ Simple Hat pattern. I used it to make a hat using some of my handspun, and now I have one going using some Malabrigo that has been in my stash. 

I also just started on the Sitka hat (pictured above) from a recent issue of 6 Bits Storybooks. I am knitting this for a special reason: it will go to a patient recovering from brain surgery. A young woman is going through brain surgery in the coming weeks, and she and a few others had the amazing idea to collect hats to distribute to others who are recovering from surgery. Having watched my mom go through brain surgery, I felt compelled to participate. Check out this link if you are interested in participating: http://www.arohaknits.com/journal/2016/2/13/hats-for-hannah-instagram-kal

The pattern itself is great. I went up a needle size to a US size 7. I am using Kenzie by Hikoo yarn. It is a nice blend of merino, nylon, angora, and alpaca. I hope it’ll offer some comfort to someone who is recovering. 



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