WiP Wednesday: Spinning, sweater, sewing and mitts

I’ve had some project ADD lately, so I have a lot in progress. I am so excited about all of it though! 

I’ve been spinning some Cormo and Corriedale. Last night, I started plying the black Corriedale and the grey Cormo together. I am pretty happy with the result. I need to skein it up and set the twist still. 

My husband’s sweater is coming together. The back and one front are finished. I’ve just started on the right front. Two sleeves and he button band to go! I’m enjoying it, but it is a lot of stockinette. 

I’m starting to prep to do some sewing. This weekend, my plan is to make the Lou Box top. The last time I tried this pattern, I taped pieces incorrectly and it was too short for my taste. I am going to remind myself to slow down and make sure that I don’t rush. 

In the car, I’ve been working on the Maine Mitts from the Swoon book. I have one mitt just about finished (it needs the thumb) and the second is in progress. 

My projects are really getting me through what has been a weird week. Early this week, it was the one year anniversary of my mom’s death. There are a lot of emotions bubbling to the surface, so it has really helped to have projects to keep me busy. 
I am looking forward to the weekend and digging into a few of these projects more. 

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