Sewing: zipper pouch


Sewing is deceptively hard. I feel like it should be so simple and quick because there is a machine involved. Even though I know better, I have an expectation for more instant gratification. 

In any case, I am determined to become a more competent and confident sewist. The Ben Franklin Crafts near my office sells fat quarters for reasonable amounts, so I’ve been trying to start to get comfortable with zipper pouches and project bags. 

I made this one using a few tutorials I found on Pinterest. Both have video tutorials, which I needed for figuring out the zipper business. 

Melly Sews. This was a great overall tutorial, but I needed a few more close-ups. 
Kelbysews. This tutorial focused more on the zipper installation. 
There is room for improvement, and I have more zippers and fabric at home to practice with! 


4 thoughts on “Sewing: zipper pouch

    • Thanks! The fabric: There’s a Ben Franklin Crafts near my office that sells fat quarters for about $3 a piece. They’re great for these small, test projects.


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