Finished Icelandic/Shetland Yarn 

I’ve mentioned this fiber in a few previous posts, but now, I have some finished yarn! In case you didn’t see the previous posts, I found an 8oz bag of fiber for a steal at a small festival that was sponsored by the Whidbey Island Weavers’ Guild. It was labeled as Shetland/Icelandic, and it came from a farm on the island. Spinning with this was pretty different from the roving that I had previously worked with; this stuff was earthy. After spinning my hands had a nice coating of lanolin, oil and dirt. There were definitely some second cuts in here, but I was able to work with it, and I had fun. I, of course, thoroughly washed the yarn after it was finished, but it is still nice, wooly, and earthy. I started with about 100 grams of fiber, but it lost a bit of weight when I soaked/washed it.

I saved a little for myself, and I made a little swatch from it. I was happy with how it knit up, and the halo on it is quite nice. So, I decided to put the skein below up in my Etsy shop. I am hoping to transition more to selling patterns and yarns rather than finished objects. Right now, I am starting to spin some undyed yarn so I can do some natural dyeing from plants around the property come Spring and Summer. I’d like to inspire creativity in others!


2.7oz, 125 yards of 2-ply DK/light worsted weight yarn!


The swatch from a leftover “partial skein.” On US size 6 needles.


Close up! 


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