Knitting Tools: Interchangeable Needle Set

My fabulous husband and daughter got me this set of interchangeable needles for Christmas, so I thought I’d do an informal review on them. 

This set comes with a great variety of needles: US size 3 – US size 15. It also comes with four different cable lengths. The leather case also makes it easy to keep your needles organized and accounted for. 

I am a wooden needle fan through and through. I can’t deal with the clicking of metal needles, and don’t get me started on the plastic ones. Occasionally, the tips on wooden needles are not as pointy as the others. Thankfully, that is not the case with these needles; the tips are pretty perfect. 

I’ve used these for a few projects now, and I couldn’t be happier. This set would be a great gift for any knitter (or for yourself). 


2 thoughts on “Knitting Tools: Interchangeable Needle Set

  1. I absolutely love my interchangeable needle set as well! I had thought about getting the Takumi set, but someone showed me their KnitPicks rainbow wood set. I had to have it after that. But I do own a bunch of the Takumi straight needles and they are very nice to knit on. Especially for beginners because the wood holds the stitches on much better than plastic or metal so beginners won’t have to suffer the frustration of dropping stitches left and right, ha ha! 😀

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