Finished Sweater: Lucia Hoodie

I finished my Lucia Hoodie! I finished blocking it and sewed the button on last week. 

I was surprised by how much color bled from the yarn. I’ve found Cascade 220 to be pretty notorious for losing color. I don’t think I’d necessarily use it for colorwork. It has been very reliable for single color sweaters though. It pills somewhat quickly, but it is such a good value, workhorse yarn. 

 After wearing it, I need to place the button a little bit better; but, on a whole, I am really pretty happy with it. The sleeves are a bit long, but I sort of like them that way. It is probably going to become a staple cardigan in my wardrobe. 

In upcoming sweaters, I’d like to improve on my button bands. I think they are what make my sweaters look homemade. If anyone has good resources, please send them my way. I always feel like one side of the button band looks a bit different than the other. One thing I’m thinking is that playing with different selvages might work. 
Blocking and finishing well are still some areas I’d like to develop more too. 

Getting good photos is also still hard – hence the selfie. Sometimes I feel like my photos get taken from all the wrong angles, and getting a flattering picture seems impossible. 

Onto the next project: a sweater for my husband! 


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