Hats: current favorites

Hats, hats, hats! It seems that all I want to knit right now are hats.  I’ve just finished a sweater so I think I’m in the mood for some quick projects. Here are some current favorites that are on my list. 

The Baa-ble hat is a free pattern. It seems that this hat is everywhere. I’m not a huge fan of colorwork, or maybe I should say that I don’t feel like it’s a strength of mine, but this hat is just so cute. 

The Bristol Hat is just beautiful as well. I have some green fingering weight yarn that’ll be perfect for this. 


I LOVE this hat by Gudrun Johnston. It is designed to be knit in the new Brooklyn Tweed yarn: Quarry. I thought this hat would be the perfect excuse to try out the new yarn, and the pattern is just delicious. So, I took a trip out to Tolt Yarn and Wool to pick up a skein. 


Finally, there’s the Bumble Hat by Tin Can Knits. I think one of these might be in my future, and Little One’s as well. The size range on all of Tin Can Knits’ patterns is fabulous. 

Anyone else currently knitting any hats? I’d love to know some of your finds. 


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