2016 Knitting, Spinning & Sewing 

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a warm, safe, and wonderful time celebrating. My husband and I are pretty classic introverts, so we spent the evening in our comfy clothes watching Netflix (and I was knitting too, of course). True to form, we both fell asleep on the couch long before midnight. It was pretty perfect. 

Looking back, 2015 was a wonderful year of knitting and crafting. I didn’t have a lot of goals at the start of the year. But, knitting and crafting ended up being a huge comfort as I was coping with the loss of my mom. I learned a lot and became more confident in my skills. 

In 2016, I am hoping to continue learning and developing my skills. Here are some general goals that I have in mind:

  • Knitting a sweater for my husband 
  • Knitting a pullover for Little One 
  • Knitting more sweaters, shawls and hats for me! 
  • Spinning some natural colored fiber and experimenting with natural dyes (from plants around our property) – eventually I hope to put some of this in my Etsy shop 
  • Spinning alpaca, and some other fiber types
  • Repurposing the yarn from a thifted sweater 
  • Sewing functional, well-fitting garments for Little One 
  • Repurposing fabrics from old garments to make new ones 

I am not going to make goals about knitting or making from stash because I know I can’t keep them. I am working on planning more, finishing projects, and making little things that use stash, and it’s going well and helping control my stash. 

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, fun and productive 2016! 


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