Spinning: Adventures with wool

 Alas, my yarn addiction has branched out into a fiber addiction too. I am quickly accumulating bags of wool! I am having a great time experimenting with small amounts of the fiber I’ve been collecting while my work schedule has been a little slower over the holidays. Here’s what I’ve been playing with. 

Some Shetland/Icelandic that I found out here on Whidbey at the Weavers’ Guild Fiber Festival. I am in love with this fiber. It has been cleaned and carded, but not to the same degree as other rovings that you might find available in larger quantities. It has a nice, long staple length, so drafting has been really easy. 

This is a small amount of 2-ply yarn that I made with some fiber that I purchased at the Artisans’ Co-op while in Bodega, CA. I don’t have much information on the fiber, but the tag looks like it says it’s Wensleydale. It was carded, but it has lots of little noils left in it. Before I spin again, I may try to get some hand-carders to smooth it out a little. I like how rustic it is, and it is definitely unlike what I’ve spun previously. 

I also finished skeining up some BFL/Polwarth that I found at Bazaar Girls in Port Townsend. It is soft and luxurious, and I am so happy with the result. I even caught my husband rubbing the yarn on his cheek! 



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