Reading: Knitting Yarns


I just finished reading Knitting Yarns – Writers on Knitting. As the title suggests, it is a collection of essays by a variety of authors about knitting. There are a few patterns included in the book as well. 

It was a good read for the type of reading I’ve been doing lately: just a few minutes before bed. Picking it up and putting it down works well with this book. 

All of the writers offered unique perspectives on knitting. I found some of the stories more interesting than others. For me, the most compelling essays were ones where the authors shared how knitting helped them cope with loss. I think I saw a lot of myself in those writings. I became much more connected to my knitting as my mom’s health began to fail. In the days and months leading up to her death, and since she died, knitting has been a constant for me. 

I also enjoyed the authors who talked about teaching kids to knit. 

Overall, I’d say this book is great if you’re looking to read just a few minutes at a time. 


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