To Gift Knit or Not to Gift Knit? 

I am always fascinated by knitters’ reactions to the thought of gift-knitting. Some people go wild, while others are measured or vehemently against knitting gifts. 

I have never been particularly for or against it. I have a few friends who are reliably grateful for their hand knits. I have a few things on my list for Little One this year. She is always a happy recipient of handmade items, so I’m happy to fulfill a few requests. 

Girly needs new mittens, so a pair of the Maize mittens by Tin Can Knits is on the needles. It is a free pattern, which is always a plus. They’re in the car with me and knitting up quickly. 

Despite a complete lack of need for any more stuffed items, Little One has requested a few knit toys. I am contemplating Frances the Sock Wearing Fox and Sweet Sheep. They are both so cute. 

A few more items may make the list for Little One’s teachers, but nothing is planned quite yet. 

How is your holiday knitting (or lack thereof) shaping up? 


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