Road Trip Yarn Shopping & Stash Enhancement 


Over the Thanksgiving holiday, we took a trip to California. I thought I’d share my fiber-related stops in case anyone decides to venture into the area. 

First stop was Knitterly in Petaluma, which is right in downtown Petaluma. The shop is beautiful, and the staff is very helpful and friendly. I got some of the RADIUS Alpaca. It will likely become a simple cowl. 

We also stopped at Yarnitudes in Sebastopol. The shop is outside of the main part of town.  The selection there was also nicely curated. I was excited to find the Lost Coast Weavers yarn, which is produced in Northern California. There was also a nice selection of roving, but much of the locally sourced fiber was already dyed in colors that didn’t necessarily suit me.

The other stop we made was at the Artisans’ Co-Op in Bodega, CA.  The Artisans’ Co-op features pieces and products from a variety of local artists. While I was there I spotted some local yarns and locally produced fiber. I bought a 8.5oz bag of fiber, for which there was not a lot of information, for just over $10. As the name suggests, the shop is staffed by the artisans, so unless you are lucky enough to run into that artisan, you may not get as much information about the pieces or products as you might like. It is a fun stop, nonetheless. 

My husband was such a good sport coming along to the various shops with me and giving me the go-ahead to indulge a little. I am really happy with all of my finds. 

Also, did you know that Ravelry has a road-trip planner? It gives you LYS stops along your route! 



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