Travel Knitting – Road Trip 

We are starting to gear-up for a long drive to California for the Thanksgiving holiday. Of course, what knitting to pack is a major conundrum for me. When you travel, do you take your big sweater projects? Or, do you take more single skein projects? 

Two fourteen (plus) hour drives (the way there and back) seem to be begging for a sweater to knit, but I worry about being able to accurately measure anything. I have my Lucia Hoodie to finish. And, I have another sweater quantity of yarn that may become one of the sweaters from Home and Away or the Rocky Coast Cardigan

I have single skeins that are destined to become hats and fingerless mitts that are in the queue as well. 

Oh, decisions! I wish there were room for all of it. 

What do you take with you to knit on long car rides or plane rides? 


2 thoughts on “Travel Knitting – Road Trip 

    • I just started the Lumberjane Shawl so that’ll probably come along. I’ll probably bring the sweater along for knitting on when I’m hanging out.


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