Knitting for Charity

On occasion, I try to knit a few hats for charity. Most of my hats have gone to Knots of Love. They donate hats, primarily, to patients who are undergoing chemotherapy. My mom was a cancer patient, who lost her battle this year, and I feel like it is a nice way to honor her battle. I have looked at other organizations, but I always seem to come back to Knots of Love. Each time I’ve knitted a hat, they’ve called or emailed personally to tell me where my hats are being sent. 

If you are interested in knitting for charity, there are a few things I would suggest: 

  • Decide on a charity first. Many organizations have specifications on what types of hats and fibers that they accept 
  • Make sure you read what types of fibers they accept and what size hats to send 
  • Pick patterns that are simple and/or unisex. Many patients, especially those who are in the hospital find hats with bobbles and cables less comfortable (they often sleep in their hats). 



3 thoughts on “Knitting for Charity

  1. One of the chemotherapy nurses told us that people make tons more knitted hats for the ladies, pretty colors, great patterns, she requested more large hats in blue shades for the men. This hat is a great example!

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