WiP Wednesday: Oak Crest Hat & Sweater Updates

I’ve actually finished my 3 Color Cowl! Well, it’s finished except for blocking and weaving ends in. So, I’ve had to find some new knitting for the car. A while back, I started the Oak Crest hat from the fall issue of PomPom Magazine. I let it sit for a while, but I’ve decided it is time to finish it. I am just starting the decreases. The motif has been fun to knit, but it’s not necessarily great for car knitting.  

It’s just in some leftover Cascade 220 in a green heather. It might turn into a gift or be put in my Etsy shop. It has been fun to knit, but I don’t know if it’ll suit me. 

I am considering another pair of Lambing Mitts and the Bumble hat for my next car projects. I also just bought the Lumberjane Shawl, which will also probably turn into a car project. 

I’ve made some good progress on my Lucia Hoodie. I have just started on the first sleeve. It’s a different construction than I’ve done for past sweaters so it has been a fun and interesting knit. 


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