Slow Fashion October Week 4: WORN

It is fun to reflect on and think of some of my most worn pieces.

Up until, somewhat, recently, I’ve been mostly an accessories knitter. I had knit sweaters in the past, but they weren’t as wearable as I had hoped – often because of confidence issues and poor yarn choices. But, I digress. I have a few staple cowls and scarves that I just adore. However, I think my favorite one is one that I didn’t knit myself; I received it as a gift from a former client’s mother. That was almost five years ago, and I still treasure it. There are certain things that are totally ubiquitous to me: a cup of coffee (often my orange Hyrdoflask travel mug) and this cowl. It is so simple, but the color and style are just perfect.


My other absolute favorite was a hat that I made. This hat, unfortunately, got a hole in it and couldn’t be repaired. I lingered over it for days before I finally said “goodbye” to it. It is on my list to find some yarn or spin some yarn so I can make another. Of course, I can’t remember the yarn, but I still have the pattern. I had to say goodbye to another beloved hat not long before due to an unfortunate laundry incident that resulted in a very felted hat.


I’ve also been able to give new life to so many of the little hats that I knit for Little One by passing them on to friends who have had kids too. It is so fun to see the adventures that my knits have gone on through them.

As I start new projects now, particularly as I venture into more planned garment knitting, I try to consider the longevity of the piece. I am focusing on making pieces that can be wardrobe staples. So, I am trying to choose the neutral colors that I love, and use yarns that are known for longevity. It is so easy to be swayed in to knitting something that looks fun or funky, but in the long run, I just don’t wear those pieces.

My sewing machine, serger, and I continue to work on developing a working relationship. Some projects have been far more successful than others. I am getting much more adept at reusing some of my shirts to make into skirts for my daughter. They are easy to make, and she LOVES them. It is so nice to get some extra miles out of a shirt that I can’t really wear anymore.


I often think about thrifting and second hand, but those shopping experiences are such a challenge for me. When I walk into a store, it is so hard to wade through the clutter to find the “good stuff.” Getting over the fact that someone else wore it before me (even knowing that it has been washed) is still an obstacle some times too. I have a Pinterest board that is filling up with refashion ideas, so soon I think I will be venturing into some thrift stores to see if I can’t try some. One of my big goals is to repurpose yarn from a found sweater some day.


4 thoughts on “Slow Fashion October Week 4: WORN

  1. My daughter and I often use thrift stores as fabric stores. It’s very often we can find some very very inexpensive silk items or linen items to re-purpose. A nice silk blouse can easily be stripped and made into trim for a dress. I have a friend who found a beautiful peach silk knit sweater for $5. I drove that trip and she spent the drive home taking about the sweater so she would have the yarn to make into something else. Don’t be scared. It’s so worth the trip. Just go when you have time to rummage about and read labels.

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    • I think I need to find the right store and go when I’m in the right mood. I am getting psyched up for it though. Looking through all of the wonderful posts about slow fashion and repurposing old clothes is very motivating.

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