FO Friday: Seahawks Hat

Little One wanted something to wear for Blue Fridays, but I just couldn’t stomach buying a $30 shirt that she’d grow out of in a few months. So, I decided on a knit hat.  

Yarn: Simplicity by HiKoo (superwash Merino & acrylic blend) in Grass Slipper, Raffi, & Gun Metal Grey. DK weight

Needles: US Size 6

I didn’t follow a pattern, but here’s what I did. I sized it to fit my 5 year old. 

Band: CO 88 stitches. 

Work in K3P1 rib for 2.5 inches. 

Change color, work in stockinette until piece measures 6 inches. 

Decrease: K9 K2tog around; K8 K2tog around; K7 K2tog around; K6 K2tog around; K5 K2tog around; K4 K2tog around; K3 K2tog around; K2 K2tog around; K1 K2tog around; K2tog around. Break yarn and pull through remaining stitches. 

Make Pom Pom and attatch! 


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