FO Friday: Boot Topper & Bear Hood

 Since I’ve been working on sweaters more often than not recently, I am finding myself with fewer FOs to share. I don’t think it is necessarily bad, just different for me. I used to far prefer the quicker knit that led to more immediate gratification, but, for the moment, I am really enjoying sweaters. Still, mixed in with the sweaters, I’m working on using up some stash yarn and extras. I also have a few requests coming in through Etsy. 

Here is my first finished boot topper. The pattern is called Paved by Tin Can Knits. The first was finished after a few ferry rides and an episode or two of Elementary. 

I also got a request from a friend for this little bear hood. I wasn’t convinced, but when you see it on the little one it was for, it is too darn cute! 



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