Fall Knitting Line-Up

It is feeling so fall-like here in the PNW. It has been a nice break from the very hot summer we had. Moreover, with all of the knitting I did and am doing, I’m quite looking forward to cooler weather. It also has me queuing so many projects.

Currently, I am working on the Antrorse by Shannon Cook of So Very Shannon.


I am knitting it in Cascade Eco. It is going quite fast so far, and I am really enjoying it.


The Lucia Hoodie is next on my list. I just bought some navy blue yarn for it!

After much pining, and a little spending money after my birthday, I just purchased a copy of Home & Away by Hannah Fettig and Color Wheel Knits by Vera Valimaki. Each have several patterns that I am itching to try.

What are your projects for fall?


2 thoughts on “Fall Knitting Line-Up

  1. Can’t wait to see the finished product of both. Im not sure what I want to do… Im in the everything must be knitted feeling lol I start one thing than jumps to the next without finishing.

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    • I definitely get the everything-must-be-knitted feeling sometimes. I try to only have 2-3 projects going at a time: one big project, like a sweater and a small one for taking in the car. My to-knit list is HUGE right now though.


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