Summer knitting review 

The past few weeks, it has started to feel much more like fall here in the PNW. It has cooled down, and we’ve even had some rain. There was also a pretty big windstorm a little over a week ago. Weather aside, this seemed like a good time to reflect on all of the fun knitting I did over the summer. 

A sweater for me.   
 Socks for Little One 
 A shirt for me 
A sweater for Little One  
A hat using some lovely Heirloom Romney from Fancy Tiger crafts!    
Farmhouse shawl

A cowl   

A little Seahawks inspired hat with some stash yarn 

The fox hood/cowl – for a friend of a friend  
Another sweater for me

A little hat, which used to be a shawl that I just wasn’t thrilled with


A pumpkin hat from some stash yarn

A cowl from some stash yarn

On a whole, I think it was a productive summer. I’m starting to get my list together for fall 🍂🍁🍃


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