WiP Wednesday: knitting and beyond

I have finished the body on my Lila top down pull over. I’ve started the sleeves, but I’m taking a little break to work on a few other little projects. With Fall approaching, I’m going to give a little attention back to my Etsy shop and finish a few more projects and patterns for it. 

A friend asked me to make the Failynn Fox Cowl for her. It’s knit in super bulky yarn, so it’s going quickly.  I’m not sure I would’ve chosen this myself, but it’ll be a quick knit that is a change of pace. Little One also wants one now, of course. 

My other big WiP is unrelated to knitting. We just closed on a house, so we’re getting ready to move and put our old house on the market! Packing and moving are such huge projects, so getting started has been hard. We are so excited for the move though. Here’s the view we get to enjoy from our deck

Hopefully by Friday, I’ll have FO pictures to share on knitting and house fronts! 


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