Summer of Short Rows

I’ve done quite a few projects that involved short rows this summer. They were intimidating at first, but I’ve enjoyed exploring the different techniques for short row shaping. 

With the Audrey Cardigan, I learned German short rows. I think this is my favorite short row technique because it is easy, minimally visible, and you don’t need to pick up any wraps. 

Here’s the video tutorial from YouTube that I used. 

The Laurel Cowl called for a more traditional wrap and turn method. On this particular cowl, though, you didn’t have to pick up the wraps. I also did a headband with some short rows that were the wrap and turn style. I think the downside of wrap and turn short rows is that they’re more visible in the finished object and seeing the wraps can be tricky. 


Now, as I knit on my Lila sweater, I get to do Sunday short rows. I found another good video tutorial on YouTube. I’m not there quite yet, but getting close! 

I also have the Bohemian Headband in my queue. It incorporates Japanese short rows for shaping. 

Craftsy also has some short row classes that look pretty handy. 
What are your favorite patterns that include short rows? Is there a particular technique that you prefer? Any good tutorials to share. 


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