Knitting for my husband

Over the years, I’ve knit a lot for my husband. In fact, he still has the first finished object I ever knit – a hat for him. He has countless hats, a pair of socks, a blanket, and a double-sided argyle scarf. He wears the hats, but many of the other objects have been nicely stored away in a drawer. He won’t part with any of the objects, but many of them are items he doesn’t really wear. I’ve learned over time that he just doesn’t wear scarves and prefers darker, solid colors. My desires to impress with colorwork or intricate designs are lost on him. After nearly 13 years together (8 married ones, almost), I’ve decided he is worthy of a sweater. So, I’ve been searching for one that suits him. So, I was thrilled when I finally found a sweater pattern that he’s interested in! 


Anyone else have any fabulous finds that are good for guys? 


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