WiP Wednesday: starting new things 

I was very monogamous in my knitting as I was working on Little One’s sweater. 

I still have the Laurel Cowl in my car when I have a break to sneak a few rows in. It is definitely nearing completion. 
Now that the sweater just lay blocking (a term, by the way, that my nearly 5 year-old knows), I am starting on a few new things. I’ve cast-on for the Farmhouse Shawl. I’m using some Cascade 220 that I got on sale from Craftsy a while back. I’m also working on using some Twirling Petals yarn that I picked up on my trip to Knitterly in California. My plan is to make a simple garter kercheif. I’m winging it, but the plan is for a triangular garter shawl/kercheif. 

 I have some hats on my list to knit up soon. My hope is also to start on the Lila sweater soon too. Too many projects, not enough time! 


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