Little One’s Sweater: Finished! 

I very happily finished the knitting on Little One’s sweater. It is a birthday gift, which she knows about, so I am happy that it will actually be ready in time for her birthday! She picked out the colors and approved the pattern. She has been quite willing and excited to try it on at a few points too. It still needs blocking, but ends have been woven in and the knitting is completely done. 

The pattern is called Clam Digger. I used the Elsebeth Lavold silky wool, that was called for in the pattern. It is a very lovely yarn! It drapes nicely and has lovely stitch definition. It was quite easy to work with and did not really split at all. I knit the size 6. On a whole, I enjoyed the pattern. There were certain aspects of the pattern that I altered just slightly to fit my neurotic tendencies. For example, there were supposed to be a few stripes with fewer repeats, and I just couldn’t stand the thought of that. The result was a slightly longer cardigan with slightly longer sleeves. I’m good with that because it might increase the amount of time that it is wearable for. 

Overall, I think I’ll have a happy birthday girl! 


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