WiP Wednesday: Nauset Tee 

I bought a linen blend yarn a while back with the intention of knitting the Togue Pond tank. After a measuring mishap, I frogged it, and I reconsidered my choice in patterns.  I couldn’t necessarily see the design being flattering on me…So, I looked at the Nauset Tee by Hannah Fettig, and it was a bit more my style. I love the Togue Pond in theory, but I am working on reminding myself that I should knit wearable items for my body. 

My progress so far:


I’m using Berroco Linus. It is by no means fabulous, but I’m getting gauge and the drape will be nice. In terms of knitting, I am getting ready to cast on the neck stitches and join. 


4 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday: Nauset Tee 

    • Thanks! I usually go for more muted colors. So this was stepping outside of my comfort zone a little. I think it’ll be good for summer weather though 😀


    • I totally agree. When I was reconsidering the Togue Pond, I realized how small the model’s bust looked compared to mine and felt like it wasn’t necessarily a design that would flatter a more average (to ample) bust.

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