Weekend in knitting: broken needles, dogs & yarn, and finished socks

It has been a frustrating weekend as it relates to my dogs and knitting. They collided much more than usual.

Friday, one dog jumped on my project and broke my needles. That project is now on hold until replacement needles arrive. They were my first ever pair of needles, so it was an unfortunate event for a few reasons. 

Today, we got home from a brief outing to find that a dog had pulled out a skein of yarn and pulled at it. I tried to salvage it, but there were so many short pieces. It was a tangled mess. 

The positive: I finished a pair of socks for Little One. She requested a mismatched pair of socks. I used the Rye pattern by Tin Can knits, which is free on Ravelry. I knit them in Cascade 220. I like the pattern because it is free. It is also appealing that they are in knit in worsted weight. I’d say it’s very appropriate for the beginning sock-knitter. 



5 thoughts on “Weekend in knitting: broken needles, dogs & yarn, and finished socks

    • Thanks! I love how quickly they go. I’m thinking I might have to do a coordinated set of mismatched mittens too. I like that she likes mismatched items because it is really easy to use up small bits of yarn.


    • It’s a GREAT pattern. I highly recommend anything by Tin Can Knits 😀 Animals can be such stinkers sometimes. My dogs are usually so good, but occasionally they have major lapses in judgment.


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