A day without fiber

Since January, I don’t think I’ve gone a day without doing at least a little knitting or spinning. The past few days at work have been more hectic since I have a student intern with me, and we’re gearing up for summer. So I didn’t knit or spin anything. The day just felt incomplete, and I felt like I didn’t accomplish much (despite catching up on paperwork that I’d been neglecting). The tangible act of making something has become very important to me, and doing a little each day has become very important. I’m rarely satisfied with doing 5-10 minutes of something, but I probably should get used to that if it’s all the time I can spare.  

I’m itching to finish my sweater (and start a new one – I’m looking at doing the Nauset Tee by Hannah Fettig with the linen that I’d bought for my now abandoned Togue Pond).  I’m also hoping to get some more spinning done so I can ply a skein and try some dyeing. I think these will have to wait for Friday, but I don’t think I’ll let today go by without sitting at my wheel or picking up my needles. 


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