New Adventures: Spinning

I took my first handspinning class on Sunday. It was incredibly helpful. You can watch all the YouTube videos, but I don’t feel like they could replace an in-person class. I don’t think that’s true for everything, but it was certainly the case for me as it relates to spinning. I have another class this coming week, which I’m looking forward to.

I’m trying to establish some realistic goals and expectations when it comes to spinning. My hope is to spend at least five or ten minutes each day at my wheel. I am giving myself plenty of time before I expect to have anything truly useful. I bought some inexpensive roving from KnitPicks that I’m allowing myself to just practice on. After getting some useful product, my hope is to venture into a little natural dyeing just for myself. I’m not planning much beyond that at this point. 

From class:  
From home, after some practice:




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