Starting a sweater: Audrey Cardigan

 I bought yarn for this sweater a little while back, and I am finally starting it. I’ve knit sweaters before, but, I have to admit, I’m more anxious about this one than ones I’ve done in the past. My attempts in the past have been more half-hearted, but I’m starting to get more invested in the idea of a more handmade wardrobe. In the past, I’ve knit sweaters out of lower quality yarn as a challenge or exercise, not really with the idea of making them part of my wardrobe.  I love cardigans, and I wear them pretty much all year, so it is absurd for me to go buy them. 


Yarn: Cascade 220 (non-superwash) – in black and heathery blue 

Progress: I’m working through the raglan increases

Thoughts/feelings: I am obsessively checking my gauge and a bit worried about the fit. 


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